The Mozart Project

The Life, Times and Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Thank you for visiting The Mozart Project. Since it was created in 1997—eons ago in Internet time—people like you have made it one of the most-visited Mozart sites on the World Wide Web. In those dark days there was a serious lack of information about Mozart online, and this site was created partly in response to that.

Times have changed. An Internet search now returns almost 120 million references to Mozart.

Meanwhile, other personal priorities meant this site could not be maintained. It had become woefully out-of-date and had little chance of growing in the near future.

So, for now, everything that was getting a little dusty has been removed. But the core is still here. So welcome to a more svelte, slimmed-down Mozart Project. Perhaps some day it will grow again. Until then, feel free to begin your Mozart experience here—or to continue to use it as a reference.